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Mortlake Project

To whom it may concern,

I am the owner of a property in Mortlake in Sydney that has a house that has been demolished and is currently been rebuilt. The block of land is a very narrow but long block and the original house was built boundary to boundary.

I originally started to look at a packaged home to build on my block but could not find the design or the plans that I liked and that would also fit on the size of the block. I had contacted a variety of Architects prior to Angelo and found them to be dismissive and not prepared to listen to my thoughts and ideas which was the total opposite of Angelo.

After a discussion on the phone with Angelo about my block and my “dreams and aspirations” for my house I decided to meet with him and see what services and designs he would consider for my house. From the first time that I contacted Angelo he made me feel like that he had a genuine interest in the design and build of my house as well as making the process simple, easy and stress free. It was obvious from the first design brief meeting that Angelo was passionate about his work and wanted to include all my thoughts. He was articulate, professional and was happy to explain any things that I did not understand, offer advice and support and guide me in this new process.

He also co-ordinated all the Professional services that are required when building a house and under a CDC application. It was evident from early on in the process that Angelo was abreast of all the current legislation and requirements which made the approval process with the Private certifier effortless.

Angelo was happy to guide me also in the internal features and appliances that are required for the house. He was always available to answer questions and never left me feeling that it was wasting his time or a dumb question.

He worked quickly within the time frame that we set, without rushing the plans and documents. Since the commencement of the building he has remained in contact with my Builder to ensure that everything is progressing.

Angelo was open and transparent with his fees from the beginning and there were no nasty surprises. He was happy to accommodate any changes throughout the design phase of the project. He had fantastic ideas in regards to the design of my house on a very tricky block.

I would not hesitate in recommending Angelo to anyone as I am confident that they will be as happy and delighted as I am with his design, approach, skills, communication and ability to make their dreams a reality.

Jacqueline Cashmore 
Asoc Dip Ed Hab, Bed Prim, M Spec Ed.    

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