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Carlingford Project

I’m writing to thank you on the finished product of the house we have built with your design. 

When we first met you, you gave us confidence that you understood our needs. You enabled us to incorporate our ideas into the design and you gave us options as to alternative ideas. You took us from concept through to Construction Certificate and I was pleased to see you during our construction phase which showed me you cared about the outcome. 

The design being a contemporary one excited us, but I believe it also excited you, as Claire and I allowed your creative flair to come out in our design. The outcome speaks for itself, in that it is a very energy efficient design, utilising the space on the block extremely well, the spaces created, the light, aspect, materials and most importantly the look. 

The best reference having been through the construction phase is that there is not much I would change either from a design or building point of view. 

Pirrello Design Associates and my builder made a great team, as our builder seemed to know what your expectations from the design were, and he had enough detail in the drawings so he didn’t have to use his imagination too much. 

Once again 
Thank you 
Daniel & Claire Kavo

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