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Hunters Hill Project

We purchased 5 Figtree Road, Hunters Hill with a view to renovate, however, after a lengthy assessment it was decided to demolish and build a completely new home. 

Angelo Pirrello was recommended by a surveyor friend and worked with us preparing renovation plans. Following abandonment of those plans we asked him to develop and create plans regarding our new home as we were comfortable with his understanding of the locality, site and our “concepts / desires”. 

The brief was to create a home providing lots of light filled living space for adults with the capability to accommodate guests and the needs of young grandkids. Taking into account river views was also vital. Angelo led us through the myriad of requirements for Council, Gov’t Depts., bureaucracy in general and building terminology. It would be scary to embark on such a project without his professional assistance. 

Interestingly whilst several items changed throughout the planning stages, our initial “floor plan” remained largely unchanged and now upon completion we are able to see how workable it is. 

Angelo successfully incorporated our ideas into something that “works well” and even the builder commented on the accuracy and detail of his plans. From clear and detailed plans to electrical and hydraulic layouts the project has run smoothly. 

We are now moving into our new home and cannot wait to use and enjoy the amenities as they have been designed. We appreciated the relaxed down to earth style of Angelo and his ability to turn our ideas into a very workable quality home. 

Should anyone require further information we would be happy to speak with them. 

John & Lynne Clark

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