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Located in a street with a mixture of single-storey and two-storey homes, including light commercial, the owner was determined to design and build her dream two-storey home on a narrow plot of land. The owner opted for a timber framed home clad in a 'James Hardie' product in the 'Scyon' range known as ‘Stria’. The home is filled with copious natural light which incorporates open style living, dining and a large kitchen with a butler’s pantry. The owner enjoys entertaining outdoors, so we incorporated a sun-drenched outdoor alfresco dining. 


The home has been designed to capture sunlight and warmth in the winter months and the deep eave overhangs keep the heat away from the habitable areas during the summer months.  


This beautiful home exceeded the clients’ expectations and was extremely overwhelmed with the size of the internal spaces she was able to achieve with such a small plot of land.

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