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Tennyson Point

This property is located on a waterfront overlooking Parramatta River, it is flanked on the north by a Reserve and on the south by Parkland.

Our clients were particularly interested in maximising their investment by designing a large high-end two level contemporary family home filled with natural light and capturing water views from the living and entertaining areas. Large balconies were incorporated in the design accessible from the living and entertaining areas overlooking the water views. 

The proposed home has been designed to capture sunlight and warmth in the winter months and the deep eave overhangs keep the heat away from the habitable areas during the warmer months. Sustainable design principles were addressed by providing sustainable doubling glazing to all windows and sliding stacker doors. The design of this large home
received a high star rating in the BASIX assessment.

The highlight of the design was the large open living areas and the visual connection of the living spaces to the water views, swimming pool and manicured gardens. The home is currently under construction.

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